The Growth Company has partnered with the National Citizen Service (NCS) to deliver its programme across the North West of England. NCS is a government backed programme established in 2011, which enables young people to challenge themselves and the world around them, develop new skills and immerse themselves in their communities through youth led social action projects. NCS aims to build social cohesion and empower young people to make their voice heard.

For Summer 2022, via our recruitment partner Aspire Recruitment, we aim to hire more than 170 passionate individuals to join us in our mission to transform young lives for the better. If you have worked with young people (15-17 years old), have a passion for youth work, social change and have a desire to mentor, lead and inspire a group of young people through a transformative journey, working on NCS is a great way to spend your summer.

See how we spent last summer, with this Day in the Life of NCS! Click here to view.


Work with Us: Summer 2022

We currently have a number of exciting vacancies coming up this summer- apply today and be part of something truly brilliant:

National Citizen Service Team Leader - Bury & Rochdale

National Citizen Service Assistant Team Leader - Bury & Rochdale

National Citizen Service Team Leader - Manchester

National Citizen Service Assistant Team Leader - Manchester



Value for Young People

So far more than 500,000 young people have been through the NCS journey. That means that more than half a million young lives have been positively impacted by this programme

The key aims of NCS are to promote:

  • A cohesive society by bringing together young people from different backgrounds.
  • A responsible and mobile society by supporting the transition into adulthood and development of life skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication.
  • An engaged society by enabling young people to understand and deliver social action in their communities and enhancing their involvement in the democratic process.


Value for Staff

Being part of the NCS journey is a transformative experience for Young People as well as the people working on the programme.

Working on the NCS programme is an amazing opportunity for staff to validate their previous experiences and further their leadership skills in a youth work context. As a staff member, you get the chance to positively impact the lives of the young people, lead them through two weeks of activities and witness their personal development.

The NCS programme would not have the impact it has without the high calibre of staff on the ground. They are the ones doing the magic – coaching, mentoring, leading and helping young people to gain social capital. As a staff member, you can have the opportunity to leave your small mark and equip young people from diverse backgrounds with life skills and prepare them to confidently face adulthood.


The Growth Company is committed to safeguarding and protecting the young people that we work with. As such, all posts are subject to a safer recruitment process, including the disclosure of criminal records, DBS checks and vetting checks. We ensure that we have a range of policies and procedures in place which promote safeguarding and safer working practice across the NCS programme. We expect all staff and post holders to share this commitment to safeguarding by ensuring compliance with our policies and practices.

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